If anyone is interested in reading “The Modern World” as part of a book club, I would be delighted to visit your club in December of 2013 (provided you are in the British Columbia lower mainland area….) 



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July 24, 2013 · 5:55 pm

Where Fashionable Writers Should Live


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May 21, 2013 · 2:56 pm

Write Style

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I realize that I am very much in the minority here, but I often find myself admiring writer fashion sense. I have a particular affinity for Flannery O.

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May 19, 2013 · 5:07 pm

31 Days of Short Stories

Short Story Lovers! Check out Steven Beattie’s blog everyday this month for a new story. I’m number 10.

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May 12, 2013 · 8:22 am



This Month I’ve been doing a bit of guest fiction editing for The Stinging Fly’s October issue. They publish Mary Costello who’s excellent.

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Nelson’s Capitol Theatre


I grew up doing summer theatre at Nelson’s Capitol Theatre and I was approached about writing a short blurb for their 25th anniversary gala.

The first show I ever participated in at the Capitol Theatre was The Three Musketeers, way back in August of 2000. “Three Musk” as we affectionately called it, was a demanding show for a group of teenagers to pull off. There were multiple costume changes, complicated sword fighting choreography, and some truly terrifying stunts. At one point during the show a cast member was dropped off a fifteen foot set piece onto a mattress below. (He only ever missed the mattress once!) The Capitol was an exciting place to spend the summer—it’s a pretty spectacular venue to be allowed to perform in. The Capitol has it all —catwalks, trapdoors, a spectacular costume room—it was basically heaven for a bunch of kids. By the end of the summer we’d become a close- knit group. During one of the final performances I remember lamenting with my cast mates how depressing it was that we would be headed back to school soon. We decided that our lives would be infinitely better, if, from then on, instead of heading back to our various educational institutions, we all went to school together at the Capitol Theatre. To this day, being part of The Three Musketeers remains one of my fondest childhood memories—even if only about 8 people (including my Mom) saw the actual show.

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Dublin Self Expression

Colourful doors, a little bit like the Lululemon coloured waistbands.

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